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Start the day with something Healthy, Or don't, we have cake too.

Breakfast Bagel $5.99 each

Start your day the right way with two eggs with turkey or ham with cheddar on a toasted bagel. 

Bagal $2.95 each

We offer two flavors; Jalapeno Cheddar or Everything.  Toasted with butter or cream cheese.

Yogurt Parfait $3.95

Honey, Greek Yogurt + Berries - in that order. Simple yet genius, and healthy too! 

Breakfast Cookie $5.99 each

That's right, a cookie for breakfast, but wait! its full of grains and oatmeal, so you won't feel guilty at that last bite. 

Grounds Hot Oatmeal $4.95

Lots of hearty oats, cinnamon, apples and topped with out house granola, it’s the perfect start to any morning.

Scone $2.95 each

Our world-famous scones go quickly, so be sure to come early. We change the flavor daily. Pairs well with a tea or a second scone.

Grounds Protein Shake  $5.99

Three amazing flavours to choose from, and up to 30 grams of protein, it’s the perfect meal on the go!

Green Smoothie $4.99

Hands down the healthiest drink on the entire menu. Available in five fun flavors!

Monday Morning Special $4.95

Hot Coffee with Baileys, unfortunately we have to wait until 11am to legally start serving alcohol. 

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